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FAQs: How Link Building Works in 2018

This week’s FAQ contains all the juicy questions about link building, as well as what I’ve been listening to recently. What’s in the Boombox Van Halen by Van Halen I’ve never been a huge fan of Eddie Van Halen as a guitarist. I know, I know. It’s taboo to say that in the metal community. Especially […]

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FAQs, The BoomBox and More with Jerry

I’m kicking off a series where I answer some common questions asked by clients and readers and show you what I’ve been listening to this week. What’s in the Boombox Year of the Tiger by Myles Kennedy. This album came out last month and is Myles Kennedy’s debut studio album. Kennedy comes from heavier rock projects […]

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The Five Best Books I Read in 2017

the five best books I read in 2017

The Five Best Books I Read in 2017 Creating these lists every year is a good reflection on the books I read, what I’d learned, and some fulfilling moments throughout the year. Here are the five best books I read in 2017: So Good They Can’t Ignore You, By Cal Newport After enjoying Cal Newport’s […]

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The Jay Nine Inc Development Pipeline Explained

Jay Nine, Incorporated utilizes a development process heavily based on DevOps and “Continuous Integration” principles. We’ve found that an easy way to boost the productivity and quality of our business app development is by utilizing continuous integration. Continuous integration provides safeguards for teams—even across different time zones—to create large and complex systems with a drastically […]

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What is DevOps? How Does DevOps Improve Software Development and IT Projects?

what is devops

DevOps (a play on “Development” and “Operations) is an enterprise software development concept meant to join Development and IT operations with improved communication and collaboration between these two business units. To the outside looking in, “IT” generally encompasses all areas related to technology, be it programmers, the guy who fixes your printer, or the guy who […]

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Applying the Socratic Method to “Problem Solving” in Project Management

socratic method

When utilizing the Socratic method, an instructor asks her pupils a series of questions designed to stimulate more complete thinking and insight. Applying the Socratic method forces you to look more closely at your ideas, beliefs, and assumptions. Did you know, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire […]

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The Pros and Cons of Scrum

pros and cons of scrum

SCRUM is an Agile framework used for working on complicated projects, generally with a close-knit team. Simply, Scrum is a project management system. A High-Level Overview of the SCRUM system: Scrum consists of three distinct roles: product owner, scrum master, and team member Scrum works by setting sequential goals that must be completed in a […]

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How We Organize Our GIT and Why

organizing git

All of the projects for Jay Nine, Inc use a very specific process in with our development projects. Everything in the project must be checked into a single version control repository: all of the code, testing scripts, database scripts, build and deploy scripts, and anything else needed to create, install, run, and test your application. […]

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How We Use Asana for Task Tracking and Project Management

using asana for project management

In the late 1940s, Toyota re-imagined the approach to manufacturing and engineering, forever changing the automotive world. This system is highly visual in nature, allowing teams to communicate more easily on work that needs to be done, and when. It standardizes cues and refines processes, and will help eliminate waste in an organization (while maximizing production). How the […]

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How We Use Checklists to Keep Our Projects on Track

using checklists for project management

Faulty memory and distraction are a particular danger in what engineers call all-or-none processes: whether running to the store to buy ingredients for a cake, preparing an airplane for takeoff, or evaluating a sick person in the hospital, if you miss just one key thing, you might as well not have made the effort at […]

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