Day: March 30, 2017

The Pains of Developing an MVP and How to Overcome Them

The fabled MVP has become the new sexy word to throw around when it’s time to develop a new application, company, or product. MVP (or minimum viable product) is meant to achieve a concept called Product Market Fit as quickly as possible. The MVP allows for small improvements based on real feedback—as opposed to  the […]

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Why Software Projects Make People Pull Their Hair Out

There was a study done in 1995 (22 years ago as of this writing) that concluded: Only 16% of software projects were successful 54% were challenged (cost overruns, budget overruns, or deficiencies) 31% were outright cancelled The average project runs 222% late, 189% over budget, and delivers only 61% of the specified functions. Failure has […]

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