Something About me

Hi, I’m Jerry Nihen. I’m a project manager and business analyst focused on building better processes to solve complicated problems. I specialize in IT process improvement.

10 years ago I founded a company called Jay Nine, Inc. I am a computer programmer and search engine optimizer, helping businesses with custom software, SEO strategies, and custom website design.

What is Jay Nine, Inc?

Jay Nine, Inc is a consulting firm that specializes in custom web development (eCommerce shops, database applications) and search engine optimization.

We build custom software for businesses to help them better manage their company data, while providing an interactive way for our customers to engage with their clients.

We provide eCommerce solutions to help the customer facing side of your online presence do what it’s supposed to do: sell your products or services to your customers.

Finally, we utilize the latest tactics and philosophies in search engine optimization to help your website outrank the competition on local or national search. This includes social media consulting and a variety of online marketing resources.

My expertise

I’m working on building the best process improvement system for solving complicated problems and streamlining project management.

  • Software Development

    The software I’ve managed and built powers over 150 million dollars in annual sales for a variety of industries including insurance, consulting, and scientific fields.

  • Internet Marketing

    Over a decade ago I wrote a book about conquering the Social Media Jungle. Since then I’ve made companies millions of dollars using social media and other internet marketing tactics.

  • Project Management

    I can help develop better web experiences through the creation and sharing of unique content that grows your brand’s online footprint.

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